Ration Drive

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos in the world. Many people around the world are suffering due to the loss of their jobs or insufficient payment. Out of all, the people falling under Below Poverty Line category suffer a lot. Humanity Foundation presented Ration Drive project which helps the poverty-stricken or the families of daily wagers by offering ration kits and hygiene kits in places where they are left without any means. With the permission of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), Humanity Foundation started its first Ration Drive during the lockdown in April, 2020. GHMC has recommended to make use of the services from Humanity Foundation which provides food for the migrant workers, who lost their jobs and are stranded in distant areas.

Humanity Foundation has collected about Rs. 50000/- from their entreaties around the city, who stepped forward and helped donate the poor during the dreadful period of lockdown with ration and hygiene kits. With 15 active volunteers the Ration Drive project was conducted in different areas of Hyderabad like Hakeempet, Asifnagar, Qutubullapur, Suraram, Attapur and Shamshabad in April, 2020. Humanity Foundation has donated about 100 below poverty line daily wagers with ration and hygiene kits. The kits include contents as follows:
Rice - 3 kg
Flour - 1 kg
Dal - 1 kg
Oil - 1 ltr
Sugar - 1 kg
Salt - 1 kg
Dishwasher soap - 1 bar
Soap - 1 bar
Detergent - 250 gm

Humanity Foundation is on its verge to start its second Ration Drive in October, 2020. It humbly requests the people, who are interested, to step forward and donate as much as they can to help the needy by providing such ration and hygiene kits.