Blood Donation Project

There are a lot of people who suffer from Thalassemia around the world and Humanity Foundation is one of the NGOs that organises blood project camps for those in need. Thalassemia is a disorder which causes the person to have lesser amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells than a normal person. This disorder causes fatigue, weakness, paleness and slower growth. Around 2650 people suffering from Thalassemia need blood for every 15 - 20 days in Hyderabad. Every organised session of blood project, Humanity Foundation collects the blood from the donors and donates to Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society (TSCS), a registered NGO that helps the Thalassemia patients. Such camps are organised twice a year and Humanity Foundation has organised 6 blood donation camps so far. Humanity Foundation, being a non-profit blood donation project, charges nothing from both donors and recipients. It is registered with over 5 lakh blood donors from all over the nation.

How does it work? Humanity Foundation's blood project camps have two teams. Team D and Team R. Team D is the team that organises blood donation camps and works on blood donors' registrations. Registrations can be done both online and offline. Team R is the team that works on the requirements of blood, checks the availability of donors and monitors the entire process. This team also updates the ticket and work on it until it is closed.

Ticketing tool: This ticketing tool is an important tool for Humanity Foundation's blood project. This is where the tickets are updated from both donors and recipients. Tickets are like tokens for the donors and recipients during the process which helps them to understand their timings without any hassle. If the donor wants to register, they would need to visit Humanity Foundation's website ( in order to become a member. They would then need to fill up their details into the registration form from Donor Registration Form section. If the recipient is in need of blood, they would visit the website ( and fill in their details in the requirement form. This creates a new ticket and to which one of the executives from Humanity Foundation will be assigned to to verify the requirements of the blood by calling the respective recipient. The status of the ticket will then be changed to "work in progress" and the executives will contact the donors, that have registered themselves as a member, to check their availability. The donor and the recipient are then guided to a hospital to undergo the process of blood donation. The executives, who monitors the process, will confirm with the recipient in the end and the ticket is then marked as "closed".